About Me


I am Olivia Liew from Sydney, Australia and this is my place to share my handmade creations.

I knew that I like pretty stuff at a tender age of 6 when I was given a beautiful stationery set.  To me the set was so pretty that I did not want to start using it and had saved it for special occasions.  You won’t believe, until today, 30 years later, it is still brand new!  Many people do regular spring cleaning but I could never bear to part with anything that comes nicely packaged in pretty boxes and ribbons. (I’ve just disclosed my age!)

If I like receiving pretty things, I think others would too!  That was how I started buying materials to create personalised cards for my family and friends.  I like to think that if I make something personalised with their names on it, they would never throw away this handmade treasure (hopefully).

About 10 years ago when my penpal from Germany sent me a cute rubberstamp, I was instantly hooked.  It generated so many ideas in making cards look more appealing.  From then on I started my collection of stamps and craft punches so that I have supplies at my fingertips whenever I need to make a card for someone.

I was extremely delighted when I stumbled upon Stampin’ Up and found that they not only have beautiful stamps and craft punches, they have coordinating ink pads, papers, embellishments, etc.  That made life so much easier to put together a card without the worry that colours or designs would look mismatched.

I love sharing my creations and ideas with people. So if you would like to organise a craft party or a workshop, please feel free to contact to me at Olivia.EL.Liew@gmail.com.